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When the proof of your skincare products is in the photos!! 

Our client had this to say,
"I started with only the A-Z dark spot corrector in July and I got the Be Balanced about 3 weeks ago. 
It's amazing. Usually everything I use don't work I spend a lot of money at the dermo and the products they recommend never work"

When our customer's hair speaks for itself in only two (2) weeks of using our products!


My favorite Ettenio product is the hair scalp restore because as the name states such is its' action.From about 2014/2015 I lost my hair lines from using chemicals and wearing tight hairstyles.I tried several products but with no avail.In June of this hair I went to a hair store in half way tree.I asked the cashier what she would recommend for my hair line and I showed her same...the look on her face was priceless lol.She introduced me to Ettenio scalp restore and told me I would not regret using it....She was so right!!!

Chuchu Rowe -2016


I have been using some staple products from Ettenio since they launched in 2012. The creme de la creme, just as the name suggests its the best of all :). My head did kyah, tough hard fi comb. When I use that it works wonders....the comb slips through the hair, significantly reduces breakage, moisturises my hair, great for my rope twist. Everytime I use it, is like my hairdressers ask questions, where you buy it? They request to look at it and read the ingredients etc. Creme de la creme is my favorite. I also love it, a little goes a long long long way :), hence it helps my pocket. I have been using many other Ettenio products, but this one is the my favorite.

Faithlyn Coke - 2016

--------------------------------------------------------------------I love so many Ettenio products! It is hard to choose just one, but if I had to go with just one it would be the Balm in Gilead. I discovered it not long after it hit the shelves and I think to this day it is an unsung hero. Not only did the Balm heal dry patches on my feet and knees but I use it for rashes, scrapes, burns, chaffing, blisters...it is my first aid kit in a jar (it's in a tube now). I am never out of BIG, I need it for everyday life. That is how much I love and need it. To tell the truth, I put a little in my ears when they scratch from sinus draining. It is a healing balm in every way! Thank you Ettenio for making my BIGgest product love; Balm in Gilead. 

Joni Williams - Nov. 2016


My favourite product to use is the Ettenio Queen of Coils. I still remember my first big chop, I was so nervous as I had no clue what to expect. When I finally did it, I was amazed to see how curly my hair was. I had a co-worker, Eugenia, who introduced me to the Ettenio brand including the Queen of Coils. I started to use it as I realised the label stated that it enhances your curls and not create them, I was extatic and excited about trying the product. Needless to say, I was pleased beyond my expectations and never turned back since. I simply love this product as it pops my curls and gives me a fresh and exciting look. Thanks Ettenio, amazing product line.

Crystal Blake-Nicholson - Nov. 2016


Well...my baby was super bald...n it seemed like her hair would not grow...people use to say that I should not worry,it will grow in time...but the older she got the more her hair seemed stuck...I tried coconut oil...n nothing ...then I tried castor oil n still nothing...I was worried caz I love to see little girls with beautiful hair on their head...n the reason why I wanted a girl in the first place was to comb her hair,n then I saw a review on the ettenio products.... Everyone was raving about it...I read some other reviews... N I got real excited...I was super excited...I felt there was hope for my baby hair at last...so I did my research,the scalp restore was what I really wanted....I didn't have all the money at once to buy the other products that I wanted....so I purchase the scalp restore n then a week later I purchase the wheat germ n honey shampoo...I used those two for a month n the result I got was amazing...n I use small amount...n it totally works ,my baby girl scalp looked more healthier,hair was springing out of the bald spot...I was n is still super excited...I currently started using the moisture reign n leave in treatment after shampooing the hair n even her hair texture has changed ...its softer n prettier...n her hair is growing slowly but surely....Ettenio has inspired me to be entrepreneur... Making n selling my own candles n scrubs....ettenio has proved that a small idea can become a huge success once you put in the work..I love the products... Super amazing n all natural...n they smell wonderful...ettenio products are effective n that's y I believe they'll grow into  huge companies all over the world...good job to the founder of ettenio..Big inspiration!!!

Sheverine Robinson - Nov. 2016


My favourite ettenio product is d moisture milk ...I was in the process of transitioning and was only wearing braids ..this was my everyday go to moisturizer for my braids...my hair had so much moisture n grew so much tht I instantly fell in love with your product..I jus went off instincts after coming across your page on fb n reading customer reviews and I was impressed n glad I tried your product thnx ettenio..

Donnette Hayles Blackwood - Nov. 2016



I have eczema. "My girl yuh a bleach?", skin dry till mi face a hurt mi, bag my face if I could eczema